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Raise your hand if the idea of winning excites you – we know we have both hands up! Okay well, if that were really the case, there’d be nothing else for you to read; but you get what we mean, right? While laying claim to a grocery shopping voucher or a weekend away for two may be exciting, it’s winning cash money which really gets our heart rates spiking; and generally speaking, our South African lottery game players can relate to this.

The only problem with these games is that, while we cannot argue you could be an instant millionaire, it’s just how little those millions actually work out to be – especially in comparison to the international gaming market! This is why, when we stumbled across, this revolutionary new product immediately excited us – we had to find out more.


It’s impossible to not see that jackpot prize offering on their homepage; but seriously? Jackpot prizes of up to R160 million – how is that even possible? The exciting truth is that yes, it’s as real as real gets – after all, with a tagline stating “Real jackpot prizes for real people”, this South African online gaming website is set to shake up the market in a big way! Approved, licensed and registered by the Mpumalanga Gambling and Racing Board, their legitimacy and relevance within the industry cannot be disputed. We’ve all longed for amazing jackpot prizes; and this is precisely what delivers to all South African players.

With their selection of international lottery games which players are able to bet on the results of, for as little as R3.50 it is now possible to play LottoStar online upon your registration – and furthermore, you are able to dictate your own gaming terms and jackpot prizes thanks to the innovative and intuitive gaming console! In games such as the EuroMillions, players are able to participate twice a week (every Tuesday and Friday evening), and play for jackpot prizes of up to R75 million.

If you’re one of the more eager players who would like to test the waters with immediate effect, the Spanish Daily (unique to LottoStar) would be the perfect game for you – the draws take place an amazing six days a week, with jackpot prizes of up to R90 million! Now that we’ve got you all warmed up, the main game which we’re all interested in is the mega-jackpot SuperEnaLotto; where players have the potential to win up to R160 million – jackpot prizes never-before seen in our market! Before you automatically assume that, because this seems too good to be true so therefore it simply must be too good to be true, we can assure you that your entry – and winnings – is guaranteed.

With Lady Luck on your side, you stand a very real chance of becoming a multimillionaire of substantial proportions! Not only that, but another great reassurance is the fact that take a great deal of care in ensuring their players’ online safety when transacting; with international banking-grade 256-bit SSL encryption safeguarding all your sensitive personal information and winnings, there’s no need to be worried about any hackers potentially making off with your hard-earned windfall. With client service severely lacking in our beautiful country, the efficient and professional Live Helpdesk team will ensure that your experience on will always be a memorable one – so why not put them to the test for yourself, and experience a new level of convenience and winning?