Responsible Gambling introduces you to the best South African online casinos so that you can have a fascinating online gambling experience. It is only fair to point out that a very small percentage of South African players succumb to gambling addiction and end up with financial and social problems. Therefore, we keep highlighting the need to treat gambling as a form of entertainment. This translates as be prepared to pay for gambling (through bets placed) as you pay for movies or television or sports or a night out. In this document, we explain how you should gamble responsibly, how you can assess your gambling behaviour and what recourse exists for problem gamblers.

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How to Gamble in a Responsible Manner

Fundamentally, there are two key aspects to this:

  • Do not spend more money on gambling than you can afford to
  • Do not spend more time on gambling than you can afford to

Almost all the South African online casinos we recommend, allow you to set personal deposit and/or betting limits so that you can make sure that your gambling is in control. Many of them allow you to set time limits on your gambling sessions. Make use of these facilities and you will stay on course. Casinos also usually continuously display the amount you have bet and the time you have spent in a session so keep watching those numbers.

The issue that befuddles many players is how to assess what is the right amount and right time, so we explain this briefly.

Money Budgeting

Start by estimating how much of your monthly income is left over after meeting essential expenses and setting aside an amount for contingencies. Earmark a part of it for online gambling and the remaining for your other entertainment needs. Distribute the gambling budget over the number of sessions you want. When the allotted amount for the session ends, STOP gambling.

Time Budgeting

Set a time limit for each gaming session, keeping in mind that family, friends and work have priority. When the time limit ends, STOP gambling. Resist the temptation of one last bet.

Tips for Responsible Gambling

The following tips will help you maintain gambling discipline.

  • Do not engage in one upmanship: There will always be players with bigger bankrolls and it is stupid to try and match them.
  • Do not chase your losses: Treat losses as expenses paid to enjoy gambling. Do not try to recover them. Start each session afresh.
  • Do not gamble when angry or upset: Some forms of entertainment help you cheer up, but not gambling. Also, do not gamble when you are inebriated.

Self-Assessment Test

Problem gambling does not set in suddenly but creeps in over a period of time. If you are aware of changes in your gambling behaviour then you can take corrective measures early on when it is easy to do so. We have devised a self-assessment test that you should take every quarter. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions then you are stepping into the danger area.

  • Are you spending more and more time on gambling?
  • Are you ignoring family and friends?
  • Is your work or study suffering because you gamble?
  • Are you diverting funds from essential expenses into gambling?
  • Are you borrowing or even stealing money to gamble?
  • Has your consumption of cigarettes and/or alcohol increased?
  • Do you feel depressed when you are not gambling?
  • Do you feel frustrated when you lose at gambling?
  • Do you plan holidays or big expenditures based on hopeful gambling wins?

How to Tackle Problem Gambling Issues

One way of becoming aware of a compulsive gambling problem is through the self-assessment test. The more common and surer indicator is when your family or friends inform you. Please do not brush their views under the carpet, but take suitable action immediately.

At the Level of Online Casinos

  • Cooling Off Period: All South African online casinos offer this facility. Contact customer support and exclude yourself for a period ranging from a few weeks to several months. The online casino will prevent you from logging in during this period.
  • Permanent Self-exclusion: If after the cooling off period you still perceive a problem then it is best to opt for a permanent self-exclusion. The online casino will close your present account and block you from signing up again.

Seeking Professional Help

You should not delay in seeking professional help and there are many institutions in South Africa for assisting problem gamblers. The services are provided free and anonymity is maintained. We recommend:

  • The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation – Tel: 080 000 6008 (toll free)
  • Website:
  • Gamblers Anonymous SA - Gauteng hotline: 071 377 2746; KwaZulu-Natal hotline: 031 209 6359; Western Cape hotline: 074 837 4001


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