The Rise of Mobile Betting in South Africa

Europa Casino - R100 Free No Deposit We can all agree that South Africans are big fans of sports, especially when talking about rugby, cricket and football. Their most proud moment in football occurred in 1996, when they won the African Cup of Nations. As the years passed by, the love for sports increased. For example, the figures say that 86% of people in South Africa followed the last World Cup in football, which is the second-best score in the entire world. Since love for sports is so big, it is only normal that the love for gambling on those sports is also quite large.

How the love for sports became the love for gambling

Many countries across the globe are recording a significant increase in sports betting, and that is also the case with South Africa. Both men and women enjoy watching sports and also betting on their favourites. Bookmakers and betting shops in the entire country are packed with South Africans looking for a way to make some easy money while watching the game and cheering for their team. However, in recent years, with the rise of the use of mobile devices, especially among younger players, mobile betting is taking over.

What Helped the Rise of Mobile Betting in South Africa

Of course, the invention of the internet helped many branches of the industry, and online gambling and betting is no exception. Truly, the internet and the constant improvement of mobile gadgets, especially the mobile phone, led to the situation that people have easy access everywhere they want to go. The technology has taken our lives and people cannot live without mobile phones these days.

Simply, it is the question of the commodity. Why should we go outside and wait in lines when we can finish everything with a few simple clicks on our phones. Easy access to online casinos and betting websites led to an increase in the number of people using these simple e-services, just because it is far simpler to do everything online.

Betting Websites Offer Easy Access

According to recent researches, sportsbooks in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa earned almost $38 billion in 2018, while the predictions for 2020 are even higher. What is also important to say is that there are plenty of providers on the entire continent that offer exceptional mobile money services, making mobile payment much easier. Betting websites are very user-friendly, and players can find their way around quite easily. Industry experts claim that South Africa is way ahead of other African countries when it comes to the technological infrastructure, with the more than 31 million users of the internet. Half of the adult population is using smartphones, and that is all they need when it comes to mobile betting.

Online Sportsbooks Offer 24/7 Service

With relatively affordable mobile phones and secured internet infrastructure in South Africa, a whole new generation of mobile gamblers looking for ways to wager their money constantly has appeared. The gambling laws in Mzansi are now significantly liberalized, giving online betting sites an opportunity to expand their networks across the entire country. All players need to do is make several clicks with their mice, or a few swipes on their smartphones, and they will get everything they want instantly. Taking under consideration that almost all online betting sites are completely safe, it is no wonder that online gambling and online betting became extremely popular in a very short period of time.

Since online sportsbooks offer betting on sports across the globe, players can access websites 24/7 and can place their bets anytime they want. Even if they have questions regarding certain issues, there is always someone on the line who can answer their questions in a short period of time. Taking everything under consideration, it is no wonder that mobile betting is so popular in South Africa.


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