National LotterySouth Africa’s National Lottery Operator, Ithuba is waiting impatiently for two Powerball winners to come forward to claim their prizes.

The group said that the Powerball Jackpot from the May 4thdraw – a staggering R112 million! – was won by two lucky players.

The winning numbers were 3, 9, 17, 25, 39 and the Powerball 13.Each player will win R56 million!

Winning Powerball Tickets

According to an Ithuba blog announcement, the winners have still not informed the lottery about their identity, but it’s hoped that they will come forward soon. At the moment, Ithubareleased some information about what they know about the winners:

Winner 1: The ticket was bought one day before the May 4thdraw in Meerensee Dried Fruits and Nuts in Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal. The winner spent the unbelievable amount of just R7.50 on the ticket. He or she used the manual selection method.

Winner 2: The ticket was purchased hours before the draw took place at OK Mini Mark Thornton in Cape Town. The winner spent R45 on the ticket, also using the manual selection.

Waiting for the Winners

Ithuba is anxiously waiting for the winners to come forward. It is natural for winners to take some time before they claim their prizes in order to decide on their next steps. However, it could also be that the players don’t even know about their windfall since they haven’t yet checked their tickets.

According to the CEO of Ithuba, Charmain Mabuza: “A big congratulations to the lucky PowerBall winners. Both winners have not yet contacted ITHUBA but we anticipate that both winners will come forward soon. We urge all players to check their tickets.”

Excitement Leading Up to Powerball Lottery Draw

In the week before the historic draw, excitement was at its peak. After the jackpot reached its 16th rollover, it became a guaranteed R100 million prize. Powerball Plus was guaranteed at R40 million as it rolled over for the 15th time. Millions of South Africans purchased tickets to the May 4thdraw in the hope of winning the biggest jackpot so far this year.

Past Powerball Lottery Wins

The biggest Powerball jackpot to date in South Africa was the R232 million won in February 2019. Last year, a grandfather from Bloemfontein won the Powerball jackpot to the tune of R121 million – last year’s biggest win.

At the time, the winner told the media that he did not intend to continue working. “I have worked hard enough and I am grateful to be granted an opportunity to retire earlier that I was expecting, without worrying about finances,” he said. “My wife, however, has been longing to complete her degree, and I vow to support her on that.”

How does the Powerball/Powerball Plus draw work?

Twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), participants can choose 5 out of 50 numbers and 1 out of 20 that can be entered into a draw. Players can play the Powerball in the following ways:

  • Presenting a completed bet slip to a retailer. On the slip, players need to make a selection from at least one entry. Each selection is made by manually marking 6 numbers or by manually marking the Quick Pick box. The bet slip is processed through the retailer’s terminal, which issues a receipt recoding the selections.
  • By indicating to the retailer in person the requested digits or numbers to be entered manually into the terminal by the retailer.
  • Requesting a number selection to be made on a random basis by the Lottery Processing System through a Quick Pick.
  • Selecting random set of six numbers at an alternative point of sale such as ATMs, mobile application, mobile phones or other channel.